BitcoinETI is Europe's first bitcoin backed Exchange Traded Instrument for sophisticated investors.


Final Terms

Base Prospectus

Key Information

Name: BitcoinETI

Offering type: Sophisticated investors only

Objective: UCITS eligible, Asset-backed security whose value and the related performance is linked to the underlying Asset (Bitcoin) collateralised in a segregated cell

Ticker: BTCETI

ISIN number: MT0001151225

Exchange: Gibraltar Stock Exchange and Deutsche Börse

Currency: Euro

Management fee: 1.75%

Minimum order size: 100,000€

Sponsor: Revoltura Ltd.

Arranger: Argentarius ETI Management Ltd.

Structure: Asset-backed Exchange Traded Instrument

Bitcoin custodian: Coinbase

Timing: July 2016


European-wide: EU passport through listing at the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, enables sales in all 31 EEA countries as well as in Switzerland

Non-leveraged: Bitcoin represents fractional, undivided interest in the ETI portfolio

Liquid: ETI units can be redeemed or traded in the secondary market

Transparent: The guidance price of the BitcoinETI and the bitcoin price can be tracked daily at

Easy access: Can be purchased by suitable investors through their normal/standard broker relationships so the trade and settlement process is transparent and simple for all parties

Settlement: T+2 Clearstream/Euroclear